frankie sailor jacket | navy w/ red sleeves

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on the seventh day of small batch, henry gives to you...

7/7 navy frankie sailor jackets with puff + sweater sleeves. 

polished and puffed, the frankie sailor jacket will have you out on the town before you know it. this piece is made exquisite with details of gold/enamel buttons, our navy/red ribbon trim, zig-zag stitching, a navy + white gingham/striped interior, vintage army quilting, sweater sleeves, and a navy blazer body. sport this jacket over a maxi skirt or leather pants for a look even the grinch would love to steal. 

we recommend this piece only be drycleaned for tender love + care.

[this piece is part of the 12 days of small batch collection made to charm just a few.

as the story goes, each day brings a one-of-a-kind gift with exquisite details and the next, something new and one more to adore. this collection of accessories and apparel was inspired by the heirlooms of holidays past and spirit of holidays future. a total of 78 unique pieces that redefine festive fashion.]

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