marshall clutch | snakeskin

on the fifth day of small batch, henry gives to you...

5/5 snakeskin marshall clutches. 

the accessory of the night... these clutches are all made from a unique piece of snakeskin collected from our vintage treasure trove. pulled together with a light blue brass zipper, a touch of our iconic navy/red ribbon, and red suede double fur poms, this sleek piece will serpent-ly be a favorite. 

[this piece is part of the 12 days of small batch collection made to charm just a few.

as the story goes, each day brings a one-of-a-kind gift with exquisite details and the next, something new and one more to adore. this collection of accessories and apparel was inspired by the heirlooms of holidays past and spirit of holidays future. a total of 78 unique pieces that redefine festive fashion.]