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our story

from a loft to a warehouse, 14 people lay their bags on the floor and get to work. the buzz of the sewing machine spins the record as it roars made here, made well, made true. fur, velvet, and silk taffeta decorate the floor atop our canvas runway, where every day calls for a show.

behind each collection, you’ll find whimsy and grit, slow fashion married to fast passion. our custom line reigns as the signature of the south, as every girl needs a monogram by her side. a constant classic, timeless, and ethereal, the emblem is as unique as you are. small batches represent our daydreams, where an entire batch could be influenced by a delivery of vintage ribbon. each month differs from the last, destined to constantly transcend the prequel, devoted to all things fabulous and splendid. the private label line sprinkles a little henry all around the world. the journey is just the cherry on top.

female-founded, operated, and owned, we’re inspired by womankind, and every piece is something we want to carry. though fantastical on the outside, the message inside is simple: made in the usa. crafted in the pursuit of happiness. dream big. give all the time. never give up. from now on, our legacy is yours too.


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